Consultations to impose conservatism

Hotel Abismo

Consultations to impose conservatism

Javier Hernández Alpízar

In 1994, the conservative and anti-Zapatista candidate Diego Fernández de Cevallos gave an electoral rally, as a candidate for the presidency for the PAN, at the Cuitláhuac campus of UNITEC. There was a group of students, mostly women, who supported him. A group of boys thought of a question that would show the conservatism of Fernández de Cevallos so that his companions would stop supporting him. They decided to ask him what he thought about the decriminalization of abortion. They thought that he would give his opinion, PAN and conservative, of moral condemnation of abortion. But Fernández de Cevallos looked fanged, avoided saying his personal opinion and said that the abortion issue would take him to consult. He knew that saying his opinion could take away votes and he took refuge in the idea of ​​the consultation, apparently so democratic.

In weeks of debate with their classmates, the girls stopped supporting Fernández de Cevallos.

This six-year term, it seems that Diego Fernández Cevallos advises Obrador, who proposes to do the same thing that the PAN candidate said he would do: bring the issue of abortion to a consultation

For refusing to criticize Obrador, many and many have defended that he use the consultations as a form of imposition of megaprojects such as the Morelos Integral Project, the Mayan Train and the Interoceanic Corridor, there the consultations have been manipulated, maized with government programs, without information Previously, without debate, they have broken all the requirements that must be met to make unbiased and good faith consultations. Today women could be the victims of these rigged consultations. And the conservatism of Cevallos, that is to say Obrador, may be hidden behind an apparent “democratic” practice.

There are times when supporting a powerful person to prevail over others can end up turning against those who support them. Especially if they do not denounce the fraud that a conservative politician, whose patriarchal and evangelical ideas about women are equivalent to those of PAN, pretends to be a progressive and slanders all those who oppose him saying that they are “conservative”, like who steals and distracts yelling “to the thief!” …

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