Dispatches from Brazil: The other face of the World Cup

Soccer’s Hidden Cost via Subversiones

Protests kick off the opening day of the World Cup 2014 with people taking to the streets in opposition to the FIFA Budget prioritized over schools, health, education and housing.
View the video here

Sporting Shock Doctrine via UDW

Dave Zirin has the amazing ability to make sports interesting to those who have never been fans of spectator games. Brazil’s Dance with the Devil reveals a fascist history of the Olympics, a bleak history of the World Cup during military dictatorships, and the inspiring tales of the thousands who struggled to keep the wrecking ball from demolishing their modest homes. Read here
In Brazil, protesters highlight housing problems outside big stadium via KPCC
While the World Cup is drawing viewers to what’s happening inside those soccer stadiums, some local Brazilians are trying to highlight what’s going on outside.

They’re focusing on what they consider to be the problems of overspending and economic inequality, and there’s one issue that has proven to be a big rallying point: housing.
Listen to my interview here

The Case That Shows How Far Indigenous Mexicans Are from Achieving Equality
Jacinta, an indigenous street vendor served 3 years in the jail for being falsely accused of kidnapping federal agents. She wasn’t provided with a translation who spoke her Otomi dialect Hñähñu  and successfuly got the government to admit they did her wrong. Read more here
A Protest Site Gets Shut Down in Mexico, and All Fingers Point to U.S. Homeland Security In Mexico an activist website that hosted documentation of police brutality during President Peña-Nieto’s inaugaration was shut down a year later, with no stated legal justification. Authorities remain tight-lipped, but a trail of clues leads to the likely intervention of the U.S. government, on behalf of counterparts in Mexico. Read more here
World Cup Squatters Occupy Buildings In São Paulo Brazil via AJplus
Squatters in Brazil are occupying buildings to protest as the hungry and homeless sleep in the streets amidst lavish World Cup celebrations. An estimated 1 million people in Sao Paolo live in substandard housing. Watch the short video here.

Protests Erupt on Opening Day of World Cup via Democracy Now!

In Brazil, the 2014 World Cup has kicked off. On opening day Thursday, police in military-style gear fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters who gathered to condemn Brazil’s mass expenditures on the tournament. Clashes erupted in São Paulo near the stadium which hosted the opening game between Brazil and Croatia. Three workers died building the stadium. Watch here
The Mexican Government Shows How NOT to Promote Breastfeeding

“Don’t turn your back, give them your breast!” This phrase is the linchpin of Mexico City’s controversial new marketing scheme to promote breastfeeding.  We all know that breastfeeding is something healthy that helps both moms and kids, so what can be so bad about a campaign promoting it? Read more here
Indigenous governance system provides a model for community defense in Mexico
Armed self-defense efforts in the Mexican state of Michoacán have opened a debate about about what Mexican citizens can do to protect themselves against violent drug cartels in a country where arms ownership is heavily restricted.  In the highlands of the state’s indigenous Purhépecha region, a similar effort has already marked three years of armed, community self-defense… but under a system of traditional indigenous law-enforcement and accountability. Listen here
Atenco Still Defending Their Land
The fight continues in San Salvador Atenco against the airport project that will displace campesinos from their communal video
Spanish lang video  & article/photos
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