Más allá de los muros: una película basada en las palabras de prisioneras políticas colombianas de la Penitenciaría femenil el “Buen Pastor”

Watch Beyond the Walls – A Play Based on the Words of Colombian Political Prisoners at the Buen Pastor Women’s Penitentiary

We are excited to share this link to a performance of Beyond the Walls, a play about political prisoners at the Buen Pastor Women’s Penitentiary in Bogotá, Colombia. The play was arranged from testimonies, letters, poetry and group statements by the prisoners themselves, collected over a period of 3 ½ years by Lily Obando, who was a political prisoner at the time. The play was translated and produced by the International Network in Solidarity with the Political Prisoners of Colombia (INSPP) and the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ). It was directed by Frida Espinosa Cárdenas  and the video was produced by Ernesto Pacheco. This recording is of a performance at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Tucson, Arizona on October 20, 2012. Versions are available in both English and Spanish. If you are interested in arranging a presentation of the play in your area, send an email to james@afgj.org or call 202-544-9355, ext. 3.

Click here to watch on vimeo.com .


One way you can help AfGJ’s Colombia and political prisoner solidarity work is by making a tax-deductible contribution to provide scholarships for our upcoming March 22 – April 1 delegation to Colombia. We have several young activists who are trying to raise funding for the trip, all of whom are working on important efforts, including a report on health conditions in US funded and advised Colombian jails, and video projects on the Fensuagro farmers union and on the situation of the political prisoners.

There are TWO STEPS to follow for online contributions. One, CLICK HERE to make your tax-deductible contribution, and, Two—be sure and send an email to James at james@afgj.org with a note that you want your gift to go toward the Colombia delegation. Otherwise, your donation will go into AfGJ’s general fund. Of course—you’re welcome and encouraged to contribute to that, too!

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